Fluoroscopy / Screening


What is fluoroscopy?

Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that uses x-rays to acquire images of the body. Images are created as x-rays pass through the body and are registered by what is known as an image intensifier. Structures in the body deflect and absorb x-rays differently; the resultant differing densities captured create a fluoroscopic image.

Fluoroscopy creates real time 2D images of the body. These images can then be printed onto film if required.

Examinations using fluoroscopy include but are not limited to: barium studies; arthrograms; paediatric patient micturating cystograms; and interventional radiology procedures.

Preparation – What to do before a flouroscopy examination

The preparation required for examinations using fluoroscopy varies with the type of examination requested. At Southern Radiology our staff will advise you of any specific instructions when you make your appointment.

Any preparation advice is very important to follow. All instructions are aimed at ensuring you receive a safe and accurate examination.  Please advise our staff of any medical conditions that may contraindicate standard preparation instructions or even the test itself when you book your appointment.

If you take regular medication discuss this with our staff when making your appointment. You should continue to take your medication unless otherwise advised.

If you are pregnant it is imperative to advise our staff of this prior to your examination , preferably when making your appointment.

For all examinations we ask that you bring with you any previous imaging you have of the area under investigation.

At Southern Radiology we require a written referral from medical doctor before undertaking flouroscopy examinations. Please ensure you bring your referral with you to your appointment.

Bring your Medicare card to your appointment for billing purposes.

The procedure – What happens during an examination using fluoroscopy?

The exact procedure for any medical imaging examination depends on what is being imaged and why.

Although there will be variations in what you can expect when you attend a Southern Radiology practice for an examination utilising fluoroscopy, as a general guideline:

How long can I expect to be at Southern Radiology?

The duration of your visit includes the time it takes to:

Flouroscopy appointment lengths are completely dependent on the examination being undertaken. An approximate time span for your examination will be given to you when you make your appointment.

Is it safe?

X-rays are a form of ionising radiation. All radiation is cumulative and has  risks that cannot be avoided. X-rays are only performed where it is deemed the benefit of the examination will outweigh any potential risks. At Southern Radiology you can be assured that radiation doses are kept to as low as reasonably possible.

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